New Bright Orange Tubes

Our new tubes have additional grab handles making them easy to pull up The Slope

New 6m High Half pipe

With Great speed comes an an even cooler way of stopping. We take all that potential energy you built up on the 60m ride down and send you 6m up in the air to stop you! 

New Overhead spray system

Keeping things cool and fast. An automatic mist system lightly coats the surface with water to keep up the speed. Keeping you cool is an added bonus!

All new diner themed restarant and bar area.

Fully Licenced Bar, easy diner menu, great coffee, milk shakes, soft drinks and of course Eskimo Joe’s Slush.

What hasn’t changed?

the same Rockstar staff…

 …some of whom have been a part of this venue for over 10 years!

071 685 8091

Shop 1, Mezzanine Level, (You can’t miss the 20m high Slope!)

Cedar Square Shopping Center, Cedar Rd, Fourways, Gauteng