Pizza Menu

Margherita                                   R59.00

Cheese and and Tomato (23cm)

Hawaiian                                       R69.00

Ham Cheese and Pineapple (23cm)

Regina                                            R 69.00

Ham, Cheese and Mushroom (23cm)

BBQ Chicken                               R 79.00

Chicken, Cheese Barbeque Sauce (23cm)

Pepperoni & Salami                R 89.00

Pepperoni, Cheese and Salami (26cm)

Tikka Chicken                             R 79.00

Cheese with spicy Tikka Chicken (23cm)

Pizza Speciale                            R 79.00

Salami, Ham, Mushrooms and Cheese (26cm)

Quattro Formaggi                    R 79.00

Four varieties of cheese (26cm)

Pizza Mozzarella                       R 79.00

Mozzarella Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes (26cm)

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